bird so far
none of the ones i've ever been shot out of had safety nets or bungee cords

one would think with all of the one-way tickets i've ever been given, i might have gotten somewhere

oh well
globalfruitbat Se Is Going Nowhere In Five Insane Cannons

well, not anymore
well, yes
am I:gettin' some?
gettin' laid?
scorin' bone?

well, ... unequivocaly
No way No how--but not for lack of options
(no thanks, woody allen gives me ulcers)

But: before I
and it all blew up--a swift night of disaster
anti-climaxed by the
maddog rumblings of an underage disease

Now? i sweat SWEAT

needing seven league boots to pond jump in a single bound

but army fatigues are closer to hand--so I'll cameoflague my desire; my claw-in-the-belly
soften my knife, my teeth for a willing receptacle
and lean back dressed to kill but I'm too well hidden (oops! you can;t see me!)
behind the blind, the little death is not for you darling army boy
I don't think
you can
ride this tiger can a bush leopard
change her spot
top stop!

Rain will pour in and green me up nice
find out that those tired old fatigues
don't open me up
what's it to you?
who go