jennifer to the one I wake up on Saturday afternoons...
to the one who shares thoughts over coffee and camel lights...
to the one I haven't stopped thinking about for two months...

I want to hold you when you cry
I want to join you when you laugh
I want to cover your ears, and tell you that everything will be allright when a train goes by
I want to share your good times and your bad
I want to go to Ming's every single day of spring break and leave $20 tips
I want to buy you a million flashlights so you will never be scared
I want to sing "Amazing Grace" to you
I want to write the words of your favorite author on your back
I want to see you smile every morning, and watch your eyes close every night
I want to be there to dry your tears
I want to list your annoying habits on my fingers and remember to find joy in them

when you can't find the words to say over miles of a phone cord, you find a common ground, and hope, that by some chance in the heavens, that your particular someone is on the same ground
mmm to tell her how much i love her 010325
w.o.n. sometimes I can't find the words to tell you how happy you make me, they don't exist. other times you make me want to just take drugs and forget all about you. 010325
unhinged to say the way it makes me happy that i made you smile; tired you out; felt you leaning on me as i kissed your forehead and tickled your neck. we're friends and you don't want a relationship because 'they always get fucked up in the end' maybe we are having a relationship anyways just not the kind you think. all i know is that i could lay with you like that forever and be totally content to call it a friendship. 010325
abms to explain how much i hurt and what ive been through 010330
elisabeth to tell you how i feel. Everything seems to be not enough for you. I feel that i need more 010411
birdmad no matter where i look.

i looked in the freezer and found my car keys and a pencil

i looked under the sofa cushions and found the remote, jesus, and ten bucks worth of spare change

i looked under the bed and found my other pair of boots, a twenty dollar bill that i could have used a couple of weeks ago, satan, the boogeyman, and my paperback copy of Richard III

but no matter where i look, i can't find the words
keeper to say exactly what i want 010417
forever to tell you how much i will miss you, to tell you how i truely feel to tell you that i never want to get out of that car, and that i am glad we became friends, but i want more i need more 010530
unhinged to say how much it hurts to know it's so easy for you to lie to me. sometimes it's half truths and sometimes it's just blatant lies. sorry, i can't make it. i have to work at 8am the next day. and then you take some guy instead. it would be nice if you could admit to me that you just used me. then i could move on. i have this habit of clinging to people that dick me over just to see if they will ever explain themselves. it's the worst habit i have. 010617
Becky To tell you everything you mean to me... everything you've done for me. I love you so much.. but I can't find the words. 010701
Blu To ask for your forgivness in what i've done. To say, to get my best friend back. To say that I love you. 020103
Mahayana: Zakah: awww blu,
i wish you were the someone i knew and recently lost, & i wish what you were saying was to me, i miss my buddy :(

i hope you find your words & are able to them what you have to and want to say.

good luck to you blu
ClairE Shit! How do I always...

I swear I left them in my pocket!

::races completely around the house two or three times::

Maybe I left them at Adam's. Or maybe -- OH NO! -- maybe they ran away while I was asleep. Shit. You can't tie them up...

::looks up at smirking sexy guy::

Hey! ::marches over:: Give me that!

::snatches them away::

I was only looking for them for YOU, anyway. Shush.
ilovepatsajak this would be a good title for a mixtape 020104
sixstringpoet can't find the words....
then just click on one
kx21 A Mathematical formula to find the words:-

' can't_find_the_words ':-
happy mom dolphin and yet it takes words to say even this. i hope i can always find those words at the very least. 020813
Mahayana [_perhaps words are not what we need right now_] 020813
ryro words are turds -action is all that really counts. 020813
pablo freakizh honey and i can't find the songs

stop whispering
blown cherry So silence rings back at me down the phone line.
But to hear you, to know you're breathing at the other end, I would hold the phone next to my ear all night while you slept if I could.
I search my brain cells vainly for words to hold you close,
but without purpose you leave.
I never know how to behave. Not when your behaviour contradicts itself so often (drink.)
And now, the big empty holes in my head let you slip through again,
and so cold and alone_in_the_night I am once more.
good people to tell you how much you mean to me, my sweet 020814
king kong ninja that sounded so right, a second ago in my head. 020814
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