pooloio i have one, and im only 16. everyone thinks im gunna total it but im not that stupid 010612
kinkazoid i used to have this friend but she isnt my friend anymore cuz she turned into a bitch and remember the day her parents got a camaro, she thought that she was so cool and bragged about it all the time, its ugly though..and i saw her driving it the other day and i thought she was her brother she looks like a boy 010612
GirlNamedLover bitchin camaro
bitchin camaro
I ran over my neighbor
unique butterfly let's see...

matt has one, but it doesn't work... it's a z28.. he says he's getting another one tomorrow... right..

ricky has one. the front of it is cracked for some reason. don't know why right now.

carla's mom has one. it's old, but it's not one of the really cool old ones. it's like an in between one.

matt's mom has one and it's an old one and it's in good condition supposedly.

i like camaros.
tonya war_with_iroc 030414
tyger doughnuts on your lawn... 031116
anon bitchin camaro I miss you.

Sorry for everything.
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