sixteen how about a cake filled death?

eddie izzard so my choice is "or death"? 030603
birdmad you forgot the tea to go with that cake, and the little red cookbook 030604
it_always_rains_on_the_unloved mmmmm... eddie izzard...

'i'll take the death...wait! i meant cake! ah ah said death first... But i meaant cake... Well fine. You're lucky we're the church of england'

'thank you for flying church of england, cake or death?'
NekoBaka Cake. Mmm. Cake. I make cake for Death. My lovely Death, Here is your Cake. 040301
seventeen whichever comes with the most frosting. 040302
notme vodka! 040303
hmmpf this is such a hard choice. it is unfair to ask one to choose between two things, both of which such one is completely indifferent to.

right now? right now i'd kill for cake. maybe i'd die for it too.
i'd bake the cake that killed me. i'd eat the cake in full knowledge of certain death.

i'd die for cake.
i'd cake for death.
imaskitzo bad things with frosting on top 040323
sab what a threat

i love it.

[death or glory]
[your money or your life]
and now

cake or death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pobody *smiles to herself* 040324
mamaflamajama recent studies show that people who have eaten cake have a 100% chance of, well, biting it.

somebody make it stop.
.fallen cookie for your soul?

"say it...say it....::whimper:: COOKIE FOR YOUR SOUL! beep"

-excerpts from a certain paradise that is now lost
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