shinya onna Red Sand goggles
pink tutu
bangles & bracelets
Latex bodypaint
Spoon mask
purple feather boa

15 More days!!
pyriel as a favour to those among us
who cannot go

please tell us all about it
when you get back
shinya onna I pinkyswear =] 000813
shinya onna At least a 30 year old swimming cap decked out with plastic fushia flowers, white rubber. 25 cents of perfection 000816
d heading off to the playa on monday from nyc and she will dance 000817
shinya onna Butterfly mask
Head dress
feather fan
Astro turf skirt
typhoid anyone want a ticket? cheap? 000826
moonshine Alfred wants it. How much?I'm not sure if I should be takig him out there. What do you think? 000826
moonshine Okay I m leaving. I m gone. I ve packed things I would never ever pack on any other trip. Its time to trek to the desert. Even with all the things that have been going on in the past few days. Its hectic, its chaotic, but here it all goes. I've been waiting for way too long.. 000829
adios Last entry kind people, i will no longer be posting or paying any attention to this site whatsoever, it
is too confusing and counterproductive
i have work to do

a last word of advice to would be
assassins....next time when donning the
ninja outfits, lose the white socks

it was an absolutely hilarious sight
typhoid i have a buyer. goodbye. 000829
d we love doctor megavolt
danced till dawn
playa dust clogged washing machina
moonshine Megavolt kicks royal ass, his lightning fork. 000907
moonshines I was riding my bike down 5:30 and heart when a Strange man yelled to me" HOLYSHIT! You look like my mother!" Hmm. I still don't know what the hell to make of this, but it greatly amuses me. 000910
Thyartshallshant Me too. But your all lucky basterds for getting to go there. Ive seen it on tv and read about it tons of times, but nvr ben. Is there an age limit. Probally, o well. 001231
moonshine 5 more months! 010406
you had to be there "Quit cheering and put me out, for fuck's sake!" 011029
Piso Mojado playa_dust 040923
. then_what 100830
daxle then, you stop buying into what's become just another industry
then, you save your $
then, you do shit in the real world
then, every few years you succumb to your fomo and see that it's the same as it ever was
what's it to you?
who go