Soma So I wrote you a letter today
I wrote you a letter letting you know how much I fucking hate you.
Well, in nicer terms that that. I know you aren't good at reading into things, but that's what I wrote. I was with you out of PITY for crying out loud. This isn't what a relationship should be.
I feel so good.. about breaking up with you, that it isn't even funny.
I don't know what to do until I can give you this letter. You're going to be here a week.. and I'm just tickled pink. It's like some inside joke you'll never be a part of.

Maybe it's cruel... but you've been far crueler to me. Writing it down.. admitting it.
It as if the weight of the world is no longer on my shoulders.
unhinged you said you would leave me alone
erase me

and then a strange number came up on my phone
and as soon as i said hello
hung up
as if you needed some confirmation
that i was ignoring you


and i tried to convince myself today
that i forgive you
and there was a loosening in my heart
around the ball of
hate, fear, anger, sadness
you put there
but it's still there

that something i wanted more than anything
i couldn't ask him for
because of that ball
you put in my heart
that i could barely stand to be touched

but there was a little loosening around it today
even though i could never let you know that

(does that defeat the purpose?)
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