god i actually prefer miller genuine draft, or even better, guiness. 010731
:..S e e d S.:...o f...:.L i g h T..: It sits there in the dark, waiting, not knowing what to expect, or what to fear. It has unlimited potetial, yet it has nothing but obstacles standing before it.

Inside it moves. and Grows. Until what is inside


and shatters the confining shell of a container acting like skin surrounding it. It is transformed. It still knows there is more than darkness though, there must be more than that which is all that it sees.
So it grows faster now, determined... And pushes through the darkness. Forces it's way through to the light and heat that it feels above it.

Pushing up through the earth. Looking for the first time at the color and beauty of the world of light. Feeling so small. It is grateful that it had broken free of that darkness. The world is majestic, but still, there is more to it. It sees the light of the Sun every day now, while nightfall brings back the haunting memories of darkness that were once all it ever knew.

It grows and changes, loving the light. shivering at night. It notices the light more and more often, the days grow longer, and the night is shorter. The water from the sky is perfect.

It digs in to the ground on which it stands. Taking firm root. While it's head begins changing strangely. It's mind is creating the most beautiful colors, the softest textures, it understands now how to create internally. But the world cannot yet see the glory of its creation, and it definitely wants to show the world.
Patience, and timing...The structure is complete.

In accordance with the_springtime_verse,
its budding head blossoms wonderfully with amazing grace and majesty.

The world noticed. The world recognized this intense beauty. As the seed from the darkness transformed into flowers of radiant light.
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