burden the idea that anyone would want to read your thoughts and ruminations is absurd, save for freaks. so I suppose that makes this composition a paradox and makes me want to fill seventy-three young doors with the spirit of LEMON MERINGUE BASEBALL GLOVES and to press a tot's tiny kidney into a poster-sized slot on the bottom of the space shuttle. when Frank breathes, you'd better listen. fast. oh, the pig designs were marvelous - they smelled like August. 030913
realistic optimist balk not, i barge in briefly to bleed the buckets of bukkake! 030913
Syrope and you wondered if i'd be happy to see you if you just showed up. pshaw :) 030913
yoink put a tot's kidney in a slot?

that blew my mind

it's horrible
/ WY I YOU TAE YOUR WATC O ///// 071206
wha? huh? 071206
what's it to you?
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