gja Is this an internaional term.
Its an international profession.

Are strange places.

Inhabited by, even if well paid, pawns.

Fucked for money. That is the lowest scab of humanity isnt it.

Men, mainly, putting there dicks in a hole, and enjoying it, for cash.

Someone, a friend, a good friend, once told me that he frequented brothels.
This was a good looking, vivacious, intelligent bloke. Could really have found himself some loving, if that was what he was after, easily.
He enjoyed, what he described as the freedom of paying for sex.
He even, he'll kill me if he ever sees this, offered his partner, money when they had sex. He said this alleviated any obligation or recourse in the relationship.
When I told him I thought this sounded like he was just a selfish bastard he was shocked.
He said he couldnt think of anything less selfish.
Depends on your definition I guess.
In most matters he is fair and reasonable.

Who is exploiting who in a brothel?
Gustave Flaubert "That man has missed something who has never left a brothel at sunrise feeling like throwing himself into the river out of pure disgust."
(1821 - 1880)
frown try mashed potato it might love you more and you won't feel like you have used someone for your disgusting horn, control yourself, is your mind that fickle?

it will eat away at your soul if you keep using women like that, money or no money.
what's it to you?
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