typhoid i'll sweep you up
into my arms
never let you go.
i'll sweep them down
into the closet
and close the door.
Tess as in Hercules' broom, from Unbearable. why it takes Hercules to sweep out a life, i do not know (or maybe i do.) 000126
amy it just takes a lotta lotta work. every moment is work. someone once said it's like going back to kindergarten... and gladness is the reason why. 010510
unhinged i wonder if all this dust lint hair paper that accumulates here in the course of a year, if i could sweep away all this dust that has settled, my hair needs washed. i need shaken like a rug...beat me with one of those rug beater things. yeah...that's it. the passing of years makes me wonder. how much dust does the world create in a lifetime? i think i have a couple vacuum bags full. i am afraid if i leave here now, things will be tragically simple when i come back. 010510
Effingham Fish "J: Now, broom, you must now sweep for me, the dust it fills my room
B: No, John, I will not sweep for you, for I am not your broom
J: What nonsense are you speaking, broom? My words you must obey
B: Another life awaits me, I am leaving you today
I am not your broom
I am not your broom
I've had enough, I'm throwing off my chains of servitude
I am not your broom
I am not your broom
No longer must I sweep for you, for I am not your broom"
akenbosche why do all lyrics repeat themselves
if it touches us we understand the first time
if it doesn't it's rhythm
what's it to you?
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