medea your breath is one of the things you do every day every hour every moment and yet do you ever really take the time to notice? to feel? to draw the breath somewhere specific, to loosen the tightness with your breath, to fill the holes inside of you? 000405
WoNDERGIRL I can hear the breath rush out of your lungs, so quickly and haphazardly, as you so dangerously lick my neck. Do you know what you've just gotten yourself into? 000527
Silent Bob when i go too long without air after kissing you I have to recap a second and realize my place back on earth instead with my head in the clouds and i quickly let out all the air i've been holding and start over. both the breathing and the kissing. 000605
Rhin you decided the sofa was the most comfortable bed. so, every night i lay down, on the floor beside you...anxious, afraid to sleep, always listening for your breath. i would awake every half hour, as if by an internal alarm. i would shoot straight up, you asleep, and unaware of my actions, to watch for that rise and fall of your chest. i held my breath waiting for it. sometimes it would come too slow, and i could feel my fingers on the phone, ready to punch in 911, but then it would happen. i would become almost light-headed with relief. i would watch you for minutes, that seemed like hours, to reassure myself, that your breaths were steady and clear. i would whisper a thousand i love you's, reign feathery kisses upon your body, then i would lay my head down again, until next time. what i feared the most, was that you would stop breathing, and you would die, without my telling you i loved you, just seconds before. i was always more peaceful when the sun rose, because then i could watch you breathe for hours on end... in the end, you didn't stop breathing while i was asleep. you decided to stop breathing, while in my arms. i can still feel it, and smell it. i still only sleep for short periods of time. i awake, and turn to watch you breathe......but, you are not there.

oh my god. i can't believe how much this still hurts. why do i think of things like this, and i'm afraid of forgetting things like this. i'm still lost.....need to find my way home.
ladyg rhin, i'm here for you now, just like i was that day 001117
Rhin i know.
your always there.
like that day.
every day before.
every day after.
every day to come.

love ya' g
niki i'm on the verge of tears for the first time in a while 011010
J one time i did this thing with my smokin buddies when u take a huge ass shotgun (big hit O weed) and then somebody picks u up from behind and u hold the hit it. so anyway i did this and i blacked out and when i came to all i could see was these crazy lookin static waves and i could hear myself splurting out gibberish even tho i wasnt aware of the fact it was me. then i blacked out again...and when i came to, i saw everything in infrared vision...things with heat appeared white and cooler objects/images appeared darker in friends looked like white silouhettes of people moving and talking in slow motion...sounded like groans and low decible moans...and one of them tapped me on the shoulder to try to bring me back to earth...but i was so disoriented...i had no idea who they were cuz they had no faces and i had no idea where i when they tapped me on the shoulder i thought they were hitting me instead of tappin looked like it cuz of the whole slow motion thing...and i was thinkin to myself...where the fuck am i and why am i getting jumped by these slow motion people???? it was fuggin nuts man. and then i finally came to and all my friends are lookin at me with the most shocked looks on their faces...and i was like "what just happened"...and they just kept on staring for a while at me. breathing is important. 020227
reitoei hes dead. no hes not. is there a quiver in the chest?
hes dead, hes dead!
no the chest rises just a millimeter.
hes alive
or is it just my imagination hoping maybe hes still alive?
no the chest moves
hes still alive
the chest is still for a long moment
ok now hes dead.
i hate dissecting frogs.
werewolf sometimes i forget to breath,
like when i'm trying to imagine my brain filling my head,
or the first time i smoked weed,
or sometimes when i'm kissing,
and that's very amateur of me,
i should be ashamed,
but love me or let me go.
lycanthrope i want to grab your hips,
and walk your mouth towards mine,
i want my hands to have
the exact needed pressure
here, then there, i want that
motion to be the one that,
after i've grown used to your
breathing, it's rhythm,
changes it.
I want that sharp change,
i want this kiss to be warm then
distant, then demanding and muscular, keeping your breaths
sudden and deep when they can be taken, when they are not a part
of something much more important.
So important people hold their breath for it, and count on the other to breath for them.
lycanthrope i made my friend pass out when we were grappling once. His throat went lax and stopped tightening up when i tried to choke him. I just thought he was really tough. I wasn't paying attention to his breath.
When he came to, he was saying mom i don't wanna go to school.
I'll always tap before i call someone else my mom.
Syrope "Listen more often to things than to beings, listen more often to things than to beings...
Tis the ancestor's breath, when the fire's voice is stirred.
Tis the ancestor's breath in the voice of the water.
Those who have died have never, never left.
The dead are not under the earth.
They are in the rustling trees
They are in the groaning woods
They are in the crying grass
They are in the moaning rocks...
The dead are not under the earth
The dead have a pact with the living.
They are in the woman's breast
They are in the wailing child
They are with us in the home
They are with us in the craft
So listen more often to things than to beings..."
- sweet honey in the rock "breaths"
vette :::prepares for meladramatic:::

the sounds of his breathing, and the beat of his heart the perfect song to go to sleep to.
distorted tendencies I've felt many a man's breath on my spine.. Soft warm breathing, silken touch... And then there was yours. But it wasn't different. 020715
silentbob its hard with you 020716
jg breathe-just breathe-take a deep breath to make sure you're still alive-

I'm breathing, but I'm still choking.
stacey If you were
just a breath away
Would you see my soul
as you look into my eyes?
Could you hear my heart speak
as you say my name?
Will you remember my touch
as you take my hand?
Would you feel my loneliness
as you sit by my side?
Could you taste my tears
as you kiss my cheek?
Will you know my pain
as you say goodbye?
If you were
just a breath away
pipedream i read somewhere- i forget where- that breath is the most intimate thing you can share with someone becuase it carries the essence of your being...its a messenger of your spirit, in a way.
End Is Forever Now I could make this obvious and you, you could deny me all in one breath... you could shrug me off your shoulders... 030704
nisus Every breath is patient
drawn in slowly
and released
to find order in the world
all the problems
are sifting
through my brain
reaching a settling place
a solid place
where I will know they are fact
breathing slowly
asking questions
of life and love
and the future
and of how much it matters
if I keep breathing
fairbecca it's criminal...
I don't want to remain intimate any longer...
your night breath, steady and strong,
annoys me.
(all that pesky ...out.)
I reach for my pillow to suffocate myself.
I'm jaded beyond repair, yes.
You don't smoke.
Your breaths scent, like fresh corn on the cob, is sweet and good.
My side of the bed has shriveled....
even the wrinkles are wrong
my wrinkles, not yours,
yours are perfect.
Everything about you is perfect.
I wedge my pillow between us...perhaps, at the inquest it will be decided that I have stopped breathing from natural causes.
Perhaps, it will be ascertained that I just simply wanted to.
minnesota_chris you're going to cheat on him 031124
fairbecca Yes, .....I WANT TO
My nose is stopped up.
I'd remove it if I could...
minnesota_chris you deserve happiness. You deserve a good guy, no matter what you have done in your life, no matter what people have done to you.

pansy Iíve got fresh soil
under my nails
Iíve done it Iíve
buried myself, so as
to rise from ashes
and reborn in your
your thoughts
and words
I will rent a room in your
heart visiting your
soul from time to time
queen of darkness i want him to be the one who feels my last breath...
i want him to be there at the moment of my death
it wont happen, i know that, of course
my fantasies just fill me with dread and remorse
he wont, he wont be there...
i know he won't care
but i still want him to hold me and whisper goodbye...
i want to kill myself, i want to die...
micky jo his smelled of beer, hot-dogs and bars
he wasn't nice drunk and i knew at that moment
this wasn't going anywhere
but i traveled 4 hours
and he owed me
this time it was going to end my way
no regrets
so we kissed
the more we kissed the better it got
until finally it was good
in the morning i stole his roommates mouthwash
i have no regrets
but I can no longer smell hot-dogs without gagging
lou_la_belle Breathe

You didn't ask
there was no need
stealing it away
giving it back
I was lost amoung the clouds
and hardly noticed my sharp intakes.
I think you did
I hope you did
they were for you,
only because they weren't for me.
puredream So fucking valuable.

Have mine.
hsg ok

past each breathe feels more constricted than the last. 130107
what's it to you?
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