cyclic tensions shifting in time


emotion straining at it's leash


tidal moods taking control

you're pushing me to breaking point.
nom sometimes i scream

it is a horrible sound
pipedream *shivers*

yiiii that was a spooky grating blathe (which means it was quite effective)

I actually thought it was pretty crap, but hey! thanks! 031028
misstree i second pd. 031028
pipedream the motion is passed then! *hands nom a blurple mont blanc*

in recognition of servies rendered to this here page, we present to you a blurple pen that can write on monitors, see through clothes and read people's minds- and can also be used for actual writing! congragoolashuns!

*shakes nom's hand heartily and smiles toothily for the camera, then misstree goes next for a picture*
nom two lines and i win a pen?
jeepers :)
but really it should go to the author of the title blathe
*looking around for the aforesaid blatherite*
ms x ok, let's all look to the top of this blathe. look where it says "nom" and then look to the far right, all the way at the end, for some numbers. that is the date. if you look a little bit above those numbers, you will see another date. now, go back to the left. there is no name there, but who can tell me how we might figure out who wrote it?
let's try reading the words. there's a poem, then a few lines by nom, then a compliment, and then an acceptance of the compliment by misstree. so we can /infer/ that she wrote the poem. do you all see how that works? good! now let's try another one...
young x but... next to the response there is no name to the left. the name misstree is across from a different number. 031103
ms. x thank you for noticing that! i can tell that you are really /thinking/ about this. you know, sometimes even teachers make mistakes. 031103
Freak you used to captivate me

by your resonating light

but now i'm bound by the life you left behind

your face it haunts my once pleasant dreams

your voice it chased away all the sanity in me


though you're still with me
i've been alone all along
... the poem was not by nom.

and I still think it's fairly crap.
pipers oh oh OH! i JUSt noticed!!!

im sO profusely sorry, but *really*, if you don't leave any ID around, how're we supposed to know, eh? 'tis a natural assumption thereafter, that nom was the authoress.
*pushes her glasses up her nose*
that said.
in any case, it was good.
*hands nameless a mont blanc too*

.. thankyou :) but my comment was rather redundant, nom already disclaimed authorship... (trails off into incoherent mumbles) :P
pipedream yes, but sometimes you should state the obvious because you never know who's been waiting to hear it. 040123
misstree he made me say ow
again and
again and
again and

last night was forgivable.
i had been sleeping,
my mindset undernourished,
and fresh wounds from
made me careful.

but he's found the line.
he prowled it, grinning,
danger dripping like
the line on my back.

i don't break.
but he found my breaking point.
next to Nobody i know i'm there
when i start to cry at work.
luckily my department is
tucked off into a corner, but
we run so fast, and we do so much, and
part of my job is to
buck up, little soldier,
you can do it.
and i broke.

and it wasn't just the impossibly high stack of work in front of me, or the endless procession of people at the counter, it was the fact that i make 25 cents more than minimum wage for killing myself, stressing myself sick, that at home my roomie tells me about how he spent an hour playing pool with the boss but the same jelly jar has sat on the counter for two weeks (maybe more), that when i get home from work it's all i can do to microwave a chimighanga, no more energy than that, that already tight finances are being sucked away by court fees, leaving not enough room to breathe, that my mom is sick and i cant afford time on my phone to talk to her, that i'm all alone out here, no friends, no family, just my husband and i never see him and he's the source of the jelly jar and that's all i know of him recently, that i can't leave my house because there's a deity blocking the door, and they won't tell me why, and i remember being able to dance and laugh and play and at least buy my own damn cigarettes, and i'm so lonely and broke and stressed and now i'm getting sick and so my mind and my meat are both giving up and falling down and

still think it's crap. 060319
pissiness well congratuFUCKINGlations. thanks so much for the input, now would you kindly step over to this website over here, where it might not be such a waste of your precious time that you have to blathe to affirm it, and we'll que up some videos of people choking on horse cocks for you. you know, if you're good, you could even star in one someday. 060319
Devouring snake tail "I can't do this any more"
I yell over and over
unhinged i have been pushed around so much i just do not give a shit anymore. i do not care. i will come to work on time and leave when the day is done and not give a shit otherwise.

i did not sign up for this shit and you do not pay me enough money.
what's it to you?
who go