claudia i break-up with friends all the time. i hate them and they have no clue. it's difficult getting-back my things. it's like the classic breakup where you return eachother's stuff. only they don't know i'm breaking up with them. and even after the fact, they're not quite sure what happened. at first it's hard, but after a while you find things not to like about the other person just so you can secretly reclaim your stuff. then it's just sport. 010430
kelli crane i'm on my way over to my X friends house. She thinks we are still friends. She has three pairs of pants of mine and my killer combat boots. She thinks everything's okay. She has no idea i think she's a fucking psycho loser bitch. We'll smoke a cigarette and she'll tell me her stupid little problems and then I'm the hell out of there. Hey, she also has my carolina herrara perfume! I better be xtra nice. What a bitch!!!!!!!! 020115
Arwyn "The best girls I've ever dated were five foot three... That's why I'm so happy that you're the perfect height."

If they're so perfect how come I'm number 13? "Thirteen's my lucky number"

I suddenly find myself doubting things...who knows maybe 14 is his lucky number.

Maybe I'm not as great as he thinks I am...
sphinxradio some people don't believe in them.
so instead of awkward confrontations, they simply begin to date someone else, and the unknowing-ex drifts away.
this frustrates me to no end.
it means i have to play the fool until someone else tells me he saw you together last night.
pikechewa a break-up is simply a label on love 050215
pSyche .... I feel like a terrible person today. 070612
pSyche he said no words to argue.
He only asked why.
He apologized.
And then he cried.

I'm sorry.
I hope you'll be okay.
Soma you said
I think I know
where this is going

and I was the one
who had no idea
where my feet were walking
or my mouth was talking

staring at the ground
you say that maybe
we should just be friends

I'd been thinking
that same thing
but I still cry

my face in my hands
my heart in your hands

i know know
that it is pain
telling us we are alive

i said, of everything
the thing i'll miss
is the feel of you

Miss what? You said

In the fading light I look
across to you

you said
nobody is going anywhere

but in my heart
i know this is
a lie

still together
but you're the cat
m e
FA113N It would make sense, of course, if I wished for them to break up. No one understands why I do not, why I do not feel jealous.

It is very simple.

If he broke up with her - for example because she does not want children - of if she broke up with him - because he did something unforgivable - the end result would be the same.

It would break her heart.

The thought is so painful to me, so alien to all I want for her, so awful that it makes me nauseous to even think about it. I prefer her happy ending, them living happily ever after, and me loving her from afar.

This is how I love her.
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