splinken "if you want to be a martyr, try harder.." 000902
roxy smoke 000905
splinken "in twos and threes and twenty-threes.."

allright, i'll stop now.
moonshine In the back on the way home in the motorhome, on the bed, she asked if I had wanted her to braid my hair, I told her no. She backed away. We slept and talked, laughed. She handed me a book, The Vagina Monologues. I still wonder what she ment by that. She still asked to braid my hair and I still told her no. 000905
deb when i was little,
i would wear my hair in
two braids that began
at the base of my neck-
i'd pretend i was princess leah
and curl them up around my ears,
but they always fell down
before i could convince my brother
to be luke skywalker
quinn His face, gleaming in the sunlight. The harsh brilliant light ablaze, blotting out his face. She screamed for him to stop, while crystalline pain fell softly, slowly down her cheeks. The ripping of her dress, her long hair draped down her back like a lattice. 031201
boey a self sustained support system.

Where all the thin and weak bind and twist and become so grand, that even if one of the strands falls out, it doesnt fall down.

a self sustained support network.
Forming Mind Slipping smoothly. Soft against my two fingers, red and an eulogy to silk. Sliding through my two fingers intertwining. One across two, three across one, two across one...
I'm writing graffiti on your body, I'm writing a story with the laces of these strande flowing through my fingers.
what's it to you?
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