silentbob In Chrysalis Explanations

Voice over
Around the world, and in America specifically we are subjected to a regularly scheduled program
of fear and violence brought to us by a twin attack of the media and politicianswho feed our fear
of each other. Blacks fear Whites, Whites fear anyone different and we all fear that which we do
not know. Even though, according to many studies, violent crime statistics are down we keep adding
more police and giving those police more and more power. We are trading our rights for the illusion
of safety and in doing so we give the real criminals even more potency.

The Tyranny of What Everyone Knows
We are taught that Christopher Columbus discovered America. From the Revolution [in America], to
the Civil War, history is written from the biased perspective of the power elite. From our birth we are
lies and myths and not expected to only believe them, but to worship them. At America's false altar
of progress we must learn to question history and measure each "fact" on its own merits. (please
read Howard Zinn's 'A People's History of the United States', and Noam Chomsky's 'What Uncle Sam
Really Wants').

Loser of the Year Award
It has always been frustrating to try and explain why we've played shows for gas money and
sometimes less. "You drove six hours and got paid twenty bucks? What a bunch of losers!"
Yeah, I guess we are. "You went on tour without getting any guarantees? Are you guys idiots?"
Yeah, I guess we are.

It gets difficult to remain positive in the face of, it seems, overwhelmingly negative odds about never
affecting anything positively. Doubt sets in, then depression is coupled with anger. When even
Maximum Rock'nRoll has an interview with a band that spends several paragraphs talking about how
lame Boy Sets Fire is, and how they are never going to change anything. But the we got a letter from
someone who we have affected or inspired to make changes withing themselves in the hope that
they will change the world. Change is natural and must happen. How that change comes and
whether that change is for good or evil is up to us.

(silentbob likes to steal other's writings)
Lucien Boy Sets Fire are sell outs...i know everyone calls everyone sell outs for something but boysetsfire takes the gold on this one....they gave up daryl, there bassist i believe, on the new album because they wanted to sign to victory...they gave up there best friends for more money and now they sound like all the other corporate hardcore victory puts out.......go listen to some reversal of man.... 001224
silentbob and you're trendy. for screaming the sellout cop-out. 001225
Lucien I dont think they sold out because they signed on to victory...i think they sold out because in their first album they said that friends were the most important things to them....then the band gives up their best friend to make more money.....if they had signed to victory and started getting played all over the radio, but kept daryl, i wouldnt call them sell outs, its just because friendship is worth more than money.... 010127
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