** * ** snow on her
coat on him
minnesota_chris what's so cool about boulder there, misstree? 040305
misstree this isn't the moving travel, this is the "get me the hell out of this corn town for a bit before i snap and kill a cow by beating it to death with a student" travel... boulder is where the playmate most recently hails from, and contains many of his earthly posessions, including a car that might be able to be resurrected... plus there's his cherished ones... and while i cherish mine, i get my fill of them (and they import easily)... plus, i've never ever been there... and most importantly... i've never seen a mountain. this is unacceptable. i hate being a flatlander. 040305
nom never seen a mountain?

falls over shocked)
nom has never seen a really flat land 040305
misstree that's part of why i was so beautifully flabbergasted when i got yer new year's card (which i never thanked you for properly, by the way, wholly crapola, that was, ohmygod, i opened it and i literally collapsed to the ground because i was so astounded, it was sooooo incredible, hominahomina it's unbelievable, it brought tears to my eyes, wowzas, and there's mountains everywhere, so pretty pretty, and each piece is displayed in a position of pride among my favored trinkets, and the card itself keeps getting shown off to people, and the chalk drawing of the mountains is taped to my wall right by my door as a way of spurring me out of this town, to go see, yep, you guessed it, mountains. :)

is still lightheaded at the beauty of it all.
nomme awww
that's so cool mtree!
you're so very welcome

and ye know,
that makes me feel cool

likes feeling cool
misstree beautiful
the mountains are neighbors
vegetarianism and non-smoking is rampant,
along with yoga and all kinds of feel-good spiritualities (though they seem to be treated well by at least the small sampling of people i have associated with)

freaks in abundance, but also cookie-cutter hippies (trustafarians) and the disgustingly affluent

there are things calling me here. things trying to keep me. naiawat came to me in a dream, warned me not to touch the grey surrounded by white... the first time through i avoided, but when i went back for the horses, one reared and i gained the same wound as the girl from the mausoleum... i have spoken to the dead in this town, and promised one he will never be forgotten (he made sure by causing volcanic arguments on his behalf)...

organic and aware and political and environmental... i don't know how much Grey is here, but i know that i haven't really sensed any pockets of big_momma's laughter...

this town wants me. i think i can say that i want it. i just don't know if it is Right. there is much else to explore, and other headmeats to be in, before such things are written on anything but water.

and it's snowing like sin outside. it's 50 degrees (F).

and this town doesn't know my kind of brutality. my two forays into the bar scene were... interesting... i would leave a trail of corpses, and likely be run out of town on a rail. or the town might win, and the Light in me might actually have a chance to revive.
misstree and all week i keep looking to the west, gasping, pointing and saying, "mountains!" unbelievable. i've never seen anything like it. i was right. pictures don't do the least bit of justice. (except nomme's cards, they captured something, especially in the way that they weren't a focus, but a ubiquitous presence, like air or sunlight.) 040328
Lint Lover is where we re-connected
is where we held hands
is where we watched Wrestle-mania
is where you fell off the stage
is where Lynvall introduced us
is where I fell in love with you again
July 12, 1998
. Against this boulder
upon this hill
I lean, I rest,
against this boulder,
upon this hill.

I cannot rest against the sky;
the stars - I cannot lean upon them.

So I stand on this windy hill,
huddled against this rock
which is much larger than I am,
it is a boulder,
and I am leaning against it,
what's it to you?
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