fall of a sparrow Best word ever and actually pretty tasty.
My best borscht memory (the fact that I can say that is pretty sad): a restaurant in St. Petersburg where we ate borscht and blini, and I remember seeing at the next table the four guys splitting a huge bottle of vodka. The old cliche of the vodka in Russia flowing like water is so accurate.
I've got to try that some time. Represent with my Soviet pride.
unhinged my grandma made it every christmas eve but my dad and my uncle al and my uncle dave were the only ones that ever ate it. hers had beets and mushrooms (sometimes my grandpa would splurge and buy the expensive dried mushrooms from the market) and sour cream and vinegar. you had to put the sour cream and vinegar in in a specific order or else the vinegar would curdle the sour cream. i can't remember which went first; now my mom makes it. it kind of looks like peptobismol with chunks floating in it. maybe i'll try it one of these years. 030513
nom i didn't make it like i said i would 070308
nom i did buy a big pot though 070308
unhinged olga, the one that lived next door when i was growing up, had a small garden in between her garage and our garage. i stopped by to sell her something for school and she told me she was making borscht. that's when i realized it wasn't just beets and sour cream. just soup; just whatever you wanted to put in it. her house always smelled good. 090305
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