minnesota_chris I chewed out a young woman today. Almost every time I talk with her she complains how her life is bad, and that she has no options, the pain of her life, etc.

Now granted she has some strikes against her, a kid of divorce, and she doesn't have much money.

But I think her angst isn't even all that true. It's a continuation of her formative years: whenever someone told her to get off her butt and work, she talks about how her life is ruined, etc.

And even if her life is hellish, the only one who is going to improve it is herself. Really, nobody else cares!
andru235 she probably needs a long-winded, verbose lecture from me about the infinity of her greater self and how she will see very different circumstances enter into her life when she accepts that very different circumstances CAN enter into her life and ... how ... plus ... also ...

after i have thoroughly bored her she will be so glad to be not near the lecturous andru235 that she will be happy, content and well balanced for the rest of her life. she will also leave the conversation with a serious fetish for boots, and the straps boots love.

i'm surely within twenty miles!!!
minnesota_chris she does go to the Rocky show at the Riverview. 050420
andru235 well, then she certainly can't be all bad!!! did you ever go when it used to be at the uptown? i didn't but some of my friends did and ... who cares? its at the riverview now, hmmm? interesting... :) 050420
camille i pick myself up by my doc martens bootsraps everyday

throw something else at me
Q Picking you up by your bootstraps would, I am sure, be wonderful.

I was thinking more though about a hot, tough game of three-dimensional scrabble.

Four-dimensional, if you prefer, as a start.
camille hmmmmm how about a dimensional game?
camille does this url work for anyone??? hmmmm curious 050428
anomalous "err-or! er-ror - 404!
It only takes one wrong letter to hold back this page, not a nation of millions.

Actually, we couldn't find the page you requested. Please check the URL."

nope, didn't work for me)
camille have you tried to copy and paste the url ? try this one

hmmm tapping the desk
anomalous working for me now, first and second url

the first one didn't work for me at first)
z got it. i can reposition the tiles to spell things. 050428
what's it to you?
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