unhinged my indian friend

something like the word his grandma uses for 'sweetheart'



i'll always be right on time

hip_hop boys at the bar
grills in their teeth
rolling something to smoke
in the cubby
come along for the ride
dap dap dap
tap tap tap

see you next week
unhinged (or maybe
it was just his root canals

i can never tell the difference)


or the caps in his teeth
to match the
dap dap daps
blow it up
tap tap tap

i am not what i appear to be
you better look twice at me
stuck between
class class class
and the
dap dap dap
violin violin violin
and the
rap rap rap

we were in on it
til the lights flashed on it
a few blocks away
even the cops won't move in on it
and that's where i feel real
when i shake my ass
to the hip_hop
gin and tonic
i got you
not afraid
i wake up to live another day

never fades

a clever disguise I call my daughter "bootie."

I have been asked by strangers how I spell that and I think people think I really named her "boodhi."

If "boodhi" means "sweetheart" in indian, that's better than how I came to call her "bootie," which was really me just talking about her "bootie-bums" all the time and eventually calling her "bootie-bums" before shortening it to "bootie."

Love is strange.
unhinged the whole thing grew from a really funny incident involving butts actually. milwaukee's rock scene was way too emo and pretentious for me after the scene in youngstown. a few years ago friends of mine from school started playing in a live back up band for a milwaukee mc. hip hop seemed like a logical step after what he was doing near the end of my time in youngstown. some of mikal's shows at the riverhorse reminded me of the best ivet shows at cedars or the nyabinghi back in the day. hip hop in milwaukee has the heart i need.

its a boy thing, but it seems to be eve more particularly a street/hip hop boy thing, to make fun of each_other out of affection. they teased him a lot for being indian. he wasn't white, but he grew up an only child in an affulent suburb so he wasn't hood either. they used the stereotypical indian accent a lot to deliver the lines.

and then they played a house party for halloween and the drummer was running around in a thong by the end of the night and the nickname 'booty booty butt cheeks' was born

since making fun of yourself before others can kinda takes the edge off and i think it really did remind him of his grandma, q shortened it to boodhi and all of us greeted each other that way. i still use the term for coworkers and others that seem like they need soothing.

and mothers have a tendency to get fixated with butts. my mom still chases me around, pinching and grabbing.
thy this is an awesome word. 120202
unhinged i miss having a community like that; im sure im not the only one in seattle that misses belonging to something greater than social media commodification and profit margins 171209
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