Q Those Myers-Briggs tests are completely bogus.

I've taken at least a dozen of them, and every time I come out different! As far as I know, after having lived with him intimately for all these many years, there's only one Q, with one personality as screwed up as anyone else's. The failure of the tests' consistency suggests to me it is not just hocus-pocus but bogus hocus- pocus.

My "score" seems to move in circles, more or less, around the center, depending on a number of random factors. These factors include things like whether I shaved on the morning before the test, the amount of beer I drank and whether I had a fig newton or an apple cinnamon for a snack the night before, the amount of coffee I drank the hour before and whether it was good or weasel piss, whether the sun was shining, how and with whom I'd spent the previous day and night, whether my morning paper had been delivered on time, and how excited I was about my plans for the coming evening and weekend.

I've often wondered what the exact center of the score sheet represents. I suppose it is the pinnacle of blandness.
I wonder if you get just a one-letter score, like "B," if you happen to land right on that magical point? (No, I will not call it "sweet spot.") The idea would be that having a one-letter score would be appropriate for having no personailty at all.
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