freakizh color that merges blue and purple.
blather's color.
god rhymes with purple, like many other words. can you name them? 020526
Ariadani urple! 020526
freakizh turtle? 020526
"Ancient_Pagan" 'Blurple' is a purple coloured gas released by a non-human, sentient being's burp! That's what Ancient_Pagan thinks... 020527
furry sea mammal oh my blurple
there is not enough urple
to complete the cirple
so color me purple?
the cat won't quit its lurple
and i_am_becoming quite murple.
quit being a twirple.
sillyhead blather blurple now has blather_purple,
another shade of blurple!
snap dawg the insane-awesome colour of the heavens. you cant get any better than blurple 060315
jane not to be confused with moat_burp 070712
what's it to you?
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