monadh war
it is happening
always happening
and what do we do to stop it?
we play games
for war
oil and diamonds
our children are the price
we pay
Alexander Beetle done and done 010502
monadh how deep our devides
how common our desires
monadh i bleed you shine we foster growth harbour hate endanger life
with a smile
reitoei war and blood life and death intrigue and politics father and son
economy's screwed. country's screwed. enron has a new ceo. a king of shambles. why can't we just glue it all together. thermodynamics and entropy. a closed system tends to chaos. death destruction chaos stability. silence stillness nothing
mon haunted by the future
caught up in the past

the passing
moment of our day
done and gone and here again
mon i_love_you_world

let us
live in peace
with mutual respect

why should we let some die while others live
by the hand of humankind
why must we
blindly trust this fate?

what clock do you keep
what step and drum do you hear?
can you not see
a revolution in consciousness emerging?
notme it's_all_too_much 040414
x diamonds and guns
(it's a wicked world that we live in)
from now on 041030
from now on
Sunshine is the state of hope

Sunshine is the state of grace

But why have you departed from me

Now is darkness around

I was arrested and carried away by strangers.

O they are my brothers

I was forced to danced to the beat of their music

We ate all the food left behind by my mother

And destroyed my very house

Now I know they are not my brothers

The strangers said they have gone to settle in peace

In their home town

Where would I hide my self against nightfall?

That these child soldiers have made.

O sun-shine o sun shine why have you departed from me

It is darkness around here,

My hopes are down

Never to meet sunshine again.

by Mohamed Bangura, age 17, W. A. M. Collegiate Secondary School SS(II) ARTS Freetown, Sierra Leone


When I was born

No one told me

I would be captured at 10

To show early muscles

In the lionís den

But soon I became 10

Iím forced to lay down my pen

And learnt soon

How to dodge a bomb blast

And to make a whole family never last

-Oh When I Was Born
by Rashid Peters, Student of iEARN Sierra Leone


"I tell you. You cannot feel the pain of this suffering if you don't see it physically. If you only glance at it, a sword of sorrow will pierce your heart. What on earth is it that man today does not care for his fellow humans?"
- Ugandan schoolgirl
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