setsuna meiou my nails
short and bitten
are painted an evil maroon colour now
the colour of blood
and as I hold the steaming cup of coffee and stare into your eyes
I am hyper aware of them
and I hope I don't get seen as pretentious
because I painted my nails for a date
mum I used to dream of shedding it, until I created it. And now everything has changed. 000121
Andrew drip. drip. drip.
it's not real. can't be.
silentbob she cuts herself.
on her thighs.
she never said whether she uses a knife or a razor or what.
but when she takes a bath all the water turns red and she wonders if maybe she should be worried.
three words blood_coloured gasping spare_me 051104
what's it to you?
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