blogger blog, blog, who's got a blog? 020714
kloot kloot 020715
anne-girl ooh, blog!
sounds like some kind of euphemised bodily function, or something
We'll see how it goes.
Note to self You need to spend some time providing for your family, they need you more than we do.

They really need you! Don't justify, Don't rationalize... And for heaven's sake, stop blaming everyone and everything else!

Just get to work.
once again i've got five... only two get updated with any regularity though. 050114
I used to know who needs a blog when i have blather 050201
Dizzy i am rather suprised that more people aren't using this as a shameless advertisement for their blogs.

a blog is (or should be) art. unbridled, unedited art.


pete i have a blog 050625
u24 060521
z check out: 060521
u24 060522
u24 greets a fellow advertising geek. i have a love/hate relationship with adverts. on the one hand I enjoy watching good adverts, on the other hand I criticise bad adverts, much to the annoyance of others around me. 060522
z 24: yeah. me to. 060612
green tshirt i have a blog
had it for almost a year now
i haven't told anyone about it
as far as i know, no one reads it
i'm not really sure what/who i'm writing it for
i guess it is for me
some kind of statement of existence
like yelling out "this is me" to an empty street
in the half-hope that someone hears
green tshirt guess what!
someone's been reading it.
how strange.
green tshirt arts council ... arts council ...

who could that be?
who knows someone who works for the uk arts council?
who sent me on?

i don't want to spoil it for the readers, i don't want to shatter the illusion of anonymity ... i understand that is an important part of reading - the feeling of privacy, that no one knows you are reading, that the one way direction of the communication is preserved absolutely. if i knew that people knew what i read, i might not read as much.

but who could that be??
and can they get me a job?
what's it to you?
who go