delial blessed be
the sheets you wrap yourself up in at night
the cup you sip from while you build your models and read your books by lamplight

blessed be
the pencil you write your private thoughts down with
the grey sweatshirt that keeps you warm in the rain

blessed be
the horizon you gaze upon before you walk into your house after class
the stars you wish on once night has fallen
the dreams that fill your head during sleep

blessed be
the one you wed
and the life together you both share

blessed be
whatever choices you make
whatever life you lead
be it alone or with somebody you love

I only want the best for you
so blessed be all you ever receive
and all you ever want or need
ashmanzhou bless thee oh blessed it be
to find a blessed sight to thee
a sight of thee i forget not
a sight forever tainted

for blessed be my soulless burne
my heavens shatter and douse their hate
in velvet tinted waves of thee

and blessed be this soulless place
a mocking hated parody drem't reality
a hated place to ever be with thee

oh blessed be thy kind soft hands
caring for all outside kind
for i can never feel a hand
none will come near to me

and blessed be my hated key
to ever present damning thought
oh if ever blessed would be
this thing i hold within as my key
would emancipate me from hated world
and plunge me to th'abyss

but truly thee oh blessed be
thou is blessed forever
i will add my blessng now
and hope that thou will live in hope
phil the heart 031113
isine ashmanzhou, just slightly nasty 040215
your guardian angel blessed be the lonely people
blessed be the people without partners
blessed be those who live as singles
blessed be those soon to find love
ambermoon let the light of the lady and lord follow you were ever you go and be with you in whatever you do.Blessed be. 040216
Zsiga blessed_be the person who is soon to find hope. 040406
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