somebody Sometimes two very different words share the same letters. I find it interesting that these pages seem to become dominated by one interpretation. For instance, look at "closer". All blathes until today's revolved around feelings of nearness. Let us ignore the fact that "one that closes" is a much less typical use of those letters, or else my whole point will be lost and I shall feel amiss. 081028
hsg laptops are usually above the lap level. thIS where my blathing takes place half the time (except for these past few days as i lay on the ground in prone position). the rest of the time i use my phone, which is still over my lap but not too close for not wanting electromagnetic_radiation to affect various organs.

i knowhat you mean though, for the most part WhEn blath it is over our laps.

glad we're_on_the_same_page
u24 polysemy 081030
() (great word 24) 081030
minnesota_chris I shall feel amiss too, and hopefully not the same miss. 090107
meta meta 090108
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