startfires "GO TO I HAVE WORDS!"

Alexander Beetle I went.

thieums I wonder why I keep returning to blather, year after year, going through series of random words and filling them with the useless junk of my brain. There's something in me that compels me to do so, the same "something" that compels me to go out at night with cans of spray paint and tag my screams on anonymous walls.

I guess blather is a bit like that, a huge and evolving anonymous wall where everyone can squirt their own meaningless message. The only thing is you can't erase another person's message. In blather, the walls do age, in reality, messages slowly fade off or are coated away by new ones...
z so, you are saying that all blathes are vandalism? 070416
They call me Truth of course not because unlike anonymous walls, blather is a place to leave your words rather it be meaningless or not. if it was vandalism then there would be the fear of getting caught. there is no such fear. 070720
jane untrue. i know who all of you are, and where you come from. don't try to hide from me. you have no secrets.


i love you.
meta meta 081212
what's it to you?
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