birdmad as soon as i leave the office 010627
The cramps "Wish you were here
johnny west I think I'll be taking one of these. I haven't really been away for an extended period of time before, aside from two hellish weeks spent in Italy. I've always blathed in some form since I got here. But I think I need to stop for a while. See ya later, blathergator. 010724
nocturnal at work people might figure, stuff. but it's up to you. lata. 010724
just asking Are Rhin and Peyton gone for good? 010724
kingsuperspecial no jonny west? boo hoo. I like jonny, selfishly I want him to stay. But, if he's got to go, I can support it. Send us a postcard, jw?

He is after all, part of the coveted blather_clique.

::sticks tongue out at *ziima*::
blathering idiot a vacation from blather is just pathetic. that is that i won't post for the rest of the day. and then i'll probably be back tommorrow. but hey, a small vacation is better than none. at least i'll look like less of a tourist.... 040313
peyton i am sad that is almost come to an end
six days and then
what's it to you?
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