endless desire blather doesn't appeal to me today which is strange because it's been the only thing that kept me alive the past few weeks. i need something i can touch. 031020
. must be another phase. 031020
celestias shadow i know what you mean. some days i just can't write. i just can't, and i don't want to go anywhere near blather. other days, i can't stay away. 031026
anon blather disappoints when you come here for a reason, when you want some inspiration, some companionship, whatever the reason, and 'recent' is full of mindless_drivel, and 'go' takes you to something by 'paste!'. 031027
oldephebe Okay so here's my take on blathers allure..We all know of Socatates and his questing, withering, indefagitable peripatetic perambulations right?
Although by his very LIFE he was dedicated to teaching and deconstruction
or discombobulating his interlocutors. The record shows that he never did any other work. Sages and scribes have sifted through and assembled the detritus of antiquity to conclude that he lived on a penurious income from an inheritance left to him by his father who was either a stone-cutter or sculptor..Unfortunately the distinction between the aesthete and craftsman..has been blurred in the heap of much deteritus gathered upon the original record..archeological forensics has at least yeilded that artifact obfuscated though it may the distinction is blurred by/in antiquity.

So yeah Socrates was an itinerate teacher as well as one who learned to ostensibly keep his darker appetites in abeyancewell into his old age..his life basically mirrored the Sophists who he mercilessly defamed..the Sophists who he was constantly scathing with his skillful sandpaper tongue..a veritable scapel of the negative dialectic..until his advesary was mired in the inertia of his ellipsis. Okay, so the Sophists traveled throghout the city-states of Greece and the venerable Socrates expectorated in the collonades and gymnasiums of Athens discussing (and by sheer proximity inculcating) philosophy with anyone who had ears to hear.

In modern parlance he was the modern equivalent of something between this eccentric fixture in the town square and someone of whom you feel a grudging respect for beause of his transcsendant genious of argumentation..his ethos..the whole virtue is knowledge and knowledge cannot be learned it must be divinely imparted and he, although he had this obvious craft of argumentation, actually knew nothing his ethos which began pollinating future princes who would one day sit at the helm of despotic oligarchies gestated in the seething heart of ambition.

Comic poets penned derisive plays satirizing his perceived eccentricities as a teacher. The most saliently surviving exemplar is something entitled "Clouds of Aristophanese" in it Socrates is skewered as the principal or headmaster of a school devoted to his teachings..Aristophanes coined a new word for school he termed it a "thinkery" rendered in Greek a "phrontisterion" from the Greek verb phrontizein, to think - and what we call in modern parlance those edifices rected to egg-heads and the mastabatory mastication of ideology "thinktanks"

So yeah many are the streams that fed his ego and ideological pollination and permutations upon which many schools in greek antiquity claimed to be his rightful progeny and inheritors of the Socratic mantle of authority. So i see Blather as a kind of thinktank..just look at some of the learned spumes and reams arduously crafted into these blue-pages..
Freak blather just sits there and listens as you rant away and release your anger 031027
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