black-dyed gel product Just for the hell of it, I typed in the word 'blather' in a search engine. I found some interesting/amusing things. First, I found this site called "Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet." There was an article on it about annoying things people do on message boards; blathering was one of them:

"Blatherers tend to be more benign. Their problem is that they just can't get to the point -- they can wring three or four screenfuls out of a thought that others might sum up in a sentence or two."

I also found some odd blather site things. The first one is a page of abandoned blather things. It is odd because it shows a different posting page and a different way of listing things. Anyone whose been blathering since '98, care to help explain this a little better? Here's the link to judge for yourself:

The second one is something I originally thought was a different link to the blather site, but on closer inspection it appears to be a dead site. See for yourself:

I'd be very interested in what you guys have to say about these things.
nocturnal wow, that was weird. I kinda like the bordered look, though. very interesting. 010618
bijou that's some crazy shit, the old blather site. it has a link that goes here. i mean, to the real blather. 010624
daxle I was around back in 98 and I don't remember it ever looking like that. 010625
yummychuckle the old blather confused and scared me. I just wanted to curl up in a ball and close my eyes and hope it went away.

but I had to face the beast and click it away on my own.
dB You remember that scene from Alien Ressurection? Where ripley finds all her clone "sisters" that are all mutilated and screwed up? It reminds me of that. 010625
lady lunchbox dude, it's almost as scary as the red_blather site...
and i didn't like that at all
User24 it's very very scary, looking at it now.. a ghost town where none of the machines work anymore..

User24 and was

a pre-cursor to blather?
is interesting...
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