Photophobe soilant_blue 021010
girl_jane blather_is_comfort 030524
lo buildings is not people. people is people 030524
celine deionizer parts is parts 030524
The Spork Eek, now all we need is Charlton Heston running around yelling this up and down the lines of source code.

I wonder if I could make a bet with William Bennett on how long it will be before Ol' Chuck starts thinking he really is Moses and looking for a golden calf to shoot at.
a sweet girl and all that matters is people, right, marx? 030606
x people are sensitive
people are mean
people are suck ups
people are caring
people are funny
people are stupid
people are ironic
people are good
people are ignorant
people are people
blather are blather
Marx24 no, sweet girl, people enough won't do it, there has to be tension and repression and exploitation 030619
sabbie Photophobe, thats fucking cool.

first thing thats made me smile today.

thank you.

is having a hard day
I am Dead come on, i need something man
celestias shadow *looks around for Charlton Heston* now I'm all paranoid, man. Why'd you have to go do that?

I'm gonna have scawy dweams tonight...
Wicked_Flower blather_is_not_people

drink the blue juice and human conciousness digests in your stomach.
only after that can we conquer the world. all remaining humans will be stripped of clothing, spitted and roasted for celebratory feasts of Venusian conquest

(clothing will be knitted by Venusian war-veterans into a victory flag fragrant and multicolored)

. blather is people being very controlled and selective about what they say and what they reveal about themselves. It is a reflection of a very very small part of a very few people 050615
meta meta 060906
Emptyness Alive blather is wha dnt say out loud
what our peers dnt kno
parts of us that shines stays BLUE!
what's it to you?
who go