~gez~ ~gez~ says: blather is back online. i have just blathered about how it is still broken and it starts working. how ironic 021017
p2 don't you just love irony? 021017
yes but that's not irony 021017
p2 actually i never saw gez's post
i saw the topic 'blather_is_back' and got a white screen
this is irony, no?
incongruity between the actual result of a sequence of events and the normal or expected result (
i expected to see a post, but actually saw the white screen
it cleared up after my post tho, and coincidentally, gez's post was also about irony
eklektic wow i havent been here in forever. 021017
Kate I miss you,
I keep checking the blue corners where you used to hang around,
But you've gone
meta meta 060105
unhinged an_error_occured_while_processing_this_directive 060324
what's it to you?
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