Mahayana blather is expressions. Gatherings of lexis, scattered about in an oblique contagious mesh of speaking or expressing opinions in a pompous or dogmatic way, astuteness and nonsensical ridiculous irrational stupid senseless absurd illogical silly ludicrousdelight enjoyment pleasure happiness joy glee gladness enchantment amusementand than some

but in actuality it's experimentation to investigate what silhouette this will acquire when present within our mercy compassion pity clemency forgiveness kindness sympathy understanding leniency

seize some peep’age and permit us to be acquainted with what you consider, but also tolerate us in acquainting you with what we also mull over.

[scores of dissimilar aromas]
[Infusing physically powerful]
[theres naught really to it]
[just groove channel furrow rut listen dance chill harmonize to it]
[no hissing mocking taunts heckling derisions name calling no jeers]
[so get up to it and do your thang]

[just another fish to fish the worm]
Mahayana [_______________][_________][_]

[& they are all right]
unhinged back from the dead

silentbob blather is the home of the hypocrites

look at the indians, look at the blacks
check out some figures, check out some facts
god blather is the home of the krystal 5 minute guarantee 020406
counterentity an entanglement of words and thoughts,
a clash of anguish and hope,
a release and a cage ...

my own little secret.
god but only if you dig munching fried blood and washing it down with a flat sprite. 030714
crimson a captured sense of the essential paradox we all struggle with in our creations

blather is hateful
blather is beautiful
from Has blather lived up to your expectations?
What was the original idea behind it? To wait and see what happens?

Yeah, we fancied ourselves something like Internet scientists or
something. Or maybe Internet artists. We were (and are) interested in
the new forms of social interaction that the web can provide. I never
would have expected blather to continue on for so long. None of our
other projects have been as successful!

whitechocolatewalrus i love you dallas :) 040816
zeke yes, thank you. 040816
cpgurrl a haven 040816
uow aye (merci bouquet) 040816
once again the opposite of the dictionary.

the antidote to the definition.

the answer to meaning.

somepeoplesmile turning 8. 040818
estarocks god, it's old! (for a webpage, ti) 040818
dudeinanigloo It's that old?! Wow, the oldest posts that I've seen are from '99!
(That's anyone's cue to name some blathes that are older)
meta meta 051213
u24 blather_is meta?
oren not_for_everyone. 080926
thieums Therefore I am 101202
meta meta 101202
unhinged drama

thanks for keeping me going skites
what's it to you?
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