p2 my thoughts
have been

they come out
in broken phrases
with a topic heading
with underscores
newme yes. 040713
Doar "That's a nasty head wound you've got there Ted."

"Yeah, some sneaky blue haired psycho came up and cracked me with a website.
Strideo . . . and its messing with my head!

meta meta 080315
sameolme Yeah, I meta at the charity ball. 080315
Doar This streamlined existence,
comfortable to my hand,
grooved when the music hits me,
the light has stopped working.

I have stacked disks ready,
and flammable squeeze dispensers,
4 lights in behind my consternation,
and clear empty sleeves.

Unsent letters,
unsent trepidation,
Blank Stares,
Media hatred.

Dark running.
. cool 080316
Drill I used to think of life as one impending disaster - a cyborg on the verge of self-destruction through faulty programing.

People are so damn selfish sometimes, and I think it's beautiful. I can't stand it when someone finds it necessary to put on an act.

It's mechanical, It's the acclamation and the rationalization of all the world's problems packed up in one neat, tiny, package. Thinking without thought, feeling without a care.

If there's one thing I can't stand it's this twitch in my mind. This inability to simply be without anything else. No justifications, no excuses.

Stop it before it becomes too much or not enough.
what's it to you?
who go