intrigued Why blog on blather?
Does making a person's own blog on blather make it feel more private than getting a xanga, or some other similar site?
quite intriguing, really, to see the few of these that have started popping up.
apples you don't have to sign up to blather.
it's less personal.
there's more feedback.
comments are less biased.
identity can be hidden easily, changed easily.
it's easy.
it's comforting.
meta meta 060202
thorn well, i made what i guess you could call a blog on here, mostly because i needed somewhere to say things. i had a xanga, but i don't want people i know reading most of this stuff, so blather is more anonymous. so i just made my space because i needed a place to say things and didn't want to take up other people's spaces. 060202
intrigued :) hmm. thanks for satisfying my curiosity. 060203
u24 blather is separate from the rest of the net. I feel comforted that it is not in beta, that 'they' will not add videos, pictures, blatherbuzz (tm) your friend-network. nor will they sell blathercorp to the highest bidder. it is a happily forgotten corner of a server somewhere, maintained when needed, but mostly autonomous from sage_and_dallas. 070704
dosquatch are not interchangable.

blather - publicly expressing words, thoughts, opinions, and musings

blogger - publicly expressing words, thoughts, opinions, and musings

But they're NOT interchangable. Just trust me on this.
what's it to you?
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