Arwyn I've been thinking a lot about blather lately. In a way blather IS a religious metaphor. People from all walks of life can come and go as they please. We ARE a community, and we all believe/know there's someone out there who controls everything that happens here, but he or she just sits there and watches us. We could pray to this said person and our prayers would be answered at about the same rate as they are now when we pray to God, or for some of us, Joe Pesci. There's more to this, and this is just a chunk of what I've been thinking.. I may reitterate later, but I doubt it... 020221
god i don't get it. 020221
Casey A we need now is a holy book, over priced novelty items, and a preacher. I nominate Bobby. 020221
carne de metal can we spare the commandments?
if not, I suggest:
1)thou shalt not fuck around
2)thou shalt not play with guns
3)thou shalt honour yourself
4)thou shalt carry guns
5)thou shalt lay down in the green pastures of harvard university.
6)thou shalt not cobbit thy neighbours.
7)Thou shalt blather freely.
8)thou shalt not blather for more than 3 hours straight.
9)thou shalt worship no more than 3 gods.
bethany does not compute, i've got the national anthem taking up most of my religious thought the name of the bush, the father, and the son amen.
falling_alone instead of comandments...

there could be a blather code of honor:

i swear by blather that i shall not blathe under anothers alias.

i swear i shall be honest in all my blathes...

erm or something like that

i just was thinking about this when i realized anyone could type in my alias and pretend to be me...

i was a bit paraniod after realizing that. but we're all good honest people here...

Syrope blather is spiritual for me, but not religious. it helps me realize that even though i might have been fightin'-mad about something at one point, i come back in a few months, see my angry words, and wonder why i was so bent out of shape. things turned out alright, and they will every time.

"Life's not fair...I hear that all the time, but really - life's not fair *for anyone* so actually life IS fair, if you think about it."
bladder God is pissed. 040209
anne-girl religious is such an awkward word
and blather is such a pretty one

they don't belong together
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meta meta 060412
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