(_) god this is pointless i haven't written a poem in forever oh well here's one:

people have no place
in a world where all we
ever do is die.

huh no good ah well i sort of tried.

who wrote the manic monday song? they're playing on my radio station right now grr.

ok and i like oatmeal.

almost done but if someone would blatheatmidnight tommorrow it'd be kinda cool.

the sky is green and fuzzy and its not but i have 3 minutes left and irony IS NOT BAD LUCK, it just isn't. gah.

but life is a funny parade, sorta.

i read all though math class today booh bad me.

hmm done
factory reject o.O I'm a few minutes off of midnight, but I just remembered this...


blathing at midnight doesn't really feel as profound as I thought it might.

I still need to do all my homeowrk too, which leaves me wondering why I am still on the computer.
I'll just...
try to slip away from the clutches of this machine now...
meta meta 060105
what's it to you?
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