deb mommy, where's my blankie?

i wish i could fall out of love with art
and beauty and nature
and simply be
~ but then what would the pleasures
~ of my lonely life be?

today for a brief glorious moment i was lost-
lost within the embrace of one who loves me
and who i love but keep an arm's length away
~ perhaps i am frightened by the thought
~ that i must leave him, eventually
~ though i yern to be there in his arms
---the hurting is too much---

his head rested on my shoulder in the crook beneath my chin
and i grazed my nails down his chest
as i had to walk away
~ my heart is safe with him, i know,
~ but his eyes-- his eyes-
~ they can see through me
~ and that frightens me ~
~ sometimes i cannot hold his gaze

i'd jump into the ocean of his open arms
but i know i am not what he wants
what he needs for now, i am-
oh, but,
what i wouldn't give for the precious moments in his arms...
MollyGoLightly Blue and soft and chewed all over. 000406
ducky I have a yellow Holly Hobby blankey. 000906
Barrett Woobie, with firetrucks and dalmations. 001103
wuss hay! that's mean! 001103
Barrett What's mean? 001103
blankie so soft and wonderful. 021021
Rhin i'm curled up in my blankie now, but i still can't sleep. i can never sleep, and to top it all, i think i am the only blatherer left awake. this really bites. 021022
xad *blanky* is a He, and you can't touch him 021022
minnesota_chris see: insomnia 021209
x can I take you to school today? 021209
screwing for virginity i never had a blankie.

instead i had a kick ass bear names brown-bear. he ROCKS!!
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