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Josie .. I'm spending my lifetime with you seeking to find the words that justify it all.. only to realise that I will never be worthy of those words.

I seem to fall over and over again. Pause, Close my eyes, Forget to breathe.

Moving me in his essence, unqiue and surreal...submitting spirit to my saddened soul like no other.

I close my eyes and breathe again,
to find I'm filled with that which is Blake, essentially.
the one we went to a party and drove eight a tiny ass car. It got shut down early and so the four of us had to all go back home. only me, being the nicest person on raver earth had to offer these two stranded kids a ride back with us. Blake and somethin. they were cool but the ride SUCKED. Now i see them at parties and they dont even say hi. you'd think theyd know us a bit after how close we all were forced to be to each other. 011101
continuous ache i wonder if it is possible to love someone you have never met. or perhaps not them, but their words. i seem to find people on blather whose words establish some connection with my heart.

thank you, photophobe.

your words help.
Photophobe Glowing I really don't know how to respond to that.

For once.

:D Thanks heaps.
Blake Fiery the Angels rose, and as they rose deep thunder rolled
Around their shores, indignant burning with the fires of ORC.
(Blake: America, a Prophecy [1791-3]
Photophobe obscure_literary_Roy 020418
keep your eye on the birdmad (scene from lost_highway)

The nameless man approaches Fred as the music in the background becomes muted...he is short, pale and rather stocky, his hair is cut into a parted crew-cut, his complexion is very pale, almost powder white and his lips are almost blood red though they apear more stained than painted, also he has no eyebrows.

NM: We've met before, haven't we?

FRED: I don't think so [turns away momentarily to set empty bourbon glass on bar behind him] where is it you think we've met?

NM: At your house, don't you remember?

FRED:, I don't...are you sure?

NM: Of course [in a more ominous tone] as a matter of fact, i'm there right now

FRED: [cynically] Whaddya mean, you're "where" right now?

NM: [grinning evilly, but subtly] at your house

FRED: that's fuckin' crazy, man

NM: [reaches seemingly into sleeve and produces flip cell phone which he opens and hands to FRED] Call me [pause while FRED eyes him cautiously] dial your number [another pause FRED looks somewhat incredulous] ...go ahead

[FRED dials phone, sound of keys punching and ring tone begins as FRED brings phone to his ear, click as FRED's home phone picks up after second ring]

NM's voice on phone: I told you i was here

FRED [to NM in person, disturbed but calm]: how did you do that?

NM (in person): [authoritatively] Ask me.

FRED [shaken] How'd you get inside my house?

NM (voice on phone) You invited is not my custom to go where I am not wanted

FRED: [distressed] Who are you?

NM (in person) : Hmmm

NM (in person and on phone) [laugh maniacally in unison creating an echo while NM in person smiles a distinctly evil smile at FRED]

NM (on phone) Give me back my phone

[FRED hands phone back roughly and emphatically to Nameless Man as camera shows only the NM's shoulder jerk from the impact as he is leering at FRED]

NM (in person) It's been a pleasure talking to you


and in other news, Robert Blake (the Nameless Man in the above scene) was arrested on suspicion of murdering his wife on May 4 of last year.

"Don't go to bed with a price on your head"
Daria I remember him and he knows I hate him now, he avoids me. It doesn't matter though, i dont care anymore. 020419
josie please, dont...the more you separate it, the harder it is to put it back together.. 020529
the smallest cherry yet please, oh god please,
somebody make me stop wanting him.
I'm so sick of crying over this guy.
I'm so sick of being the creep.
Cheryl Your company is all I need to lift my day.
The touch of your hand, sufficient to comfort my edgy mind.
Your soft lips on my neck enough to warm my soul.
Cheryl I hope I can return the favour,
or at leat provide some short term escape.
josie what is it you're escaping from blake? 020822
Blame it on the Blake Star Geez I don't know. Chez used the word, not me...

Life, etc.
josie so what is he escaping from? 020825
Cheryl Life, etc. 020825
josie *smrt* 020917
eCksMaN321 19 knives held by hands wearing neckties, but indeed, it has stopped raining. Keep passing the satire. Blake sees Blake-files. Oh, my lacerations. 030828
weaving sunlight quite simply
saved my ass
although i think he may be
a different
to the one you speak of here
my blake
valen i love blake.
i hope he loves me.
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what's it to you?
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