amy a star,
heads: black hole
tails: elementary particle
sara emptiness raw
pulling twisting distorting
in all directions
taking over the world--our world
the universe
all of it
all of us
Carr What in blathering hell is going on.

Krazy guys. Euro is the way ahead, of course I blather.
birdmad from here there is no sufficient escape_velocity...

this IS the vanishing_point

where the sun sets below the event_horizon

somewhere near the vertex of the vortex
ClairE sun...I am waiting to get that album back.

It wears time well.
kx21 No. of Black_Holes in UN=? 030314
Eowithien sun. song by soundgarden (black hole sun).

destroys the light...
kx21 Definition: Black_hole

Any Strategy with

Nil swatting_flies and

NO shaking_the_trees...

Copyright 2004
... Which is bigger:-

Falluja or Najaf?
kx21 ***
* April 26 2004

442,000 for falluja &

493,000 for najaf...
stork daddy the stars with the most fuel burn out, paradoxically, the quickest. sound like anyone you know? 040426
im_you_with_a_twist~ myself. i burned out when i was nine. dont make fun.
i must have had a ton of fuel then, huh?
silentbob Not even light can escape 040426
? ... 040426
girl_jane sun

*le sigh* Soundgarden...
somebody ***
* M Variables of Black_hole in Iraq

"Heavy weapons unsuited to the task in hand, inflammatory language, the current confrontations in Najaf and Fallujah, all these have built up rather than isolated the opposition,"
* M_Theory: Mosque & Blackhole *
kx21 M_Theory 123:- Stock & BlackHole 040428
kx21 Specifically,

Burst of US Stock Market &
Blackholes in Iraq...
love & hate Hang my head, drown my fear
Till you all just disappear
skinny if the world was destroyed by a black hole, and you were left in THE afterlife, would you feel sad 040604
iJun112004 Youngest Possible Black Hole Spotted Near Birth

Thu Jun 10, 3:12 PM ET

Startled astronomers peered through an apparent crack in the expanding bubble from an exploded star to glimpse what may be the youngest black hole ever detected.
kx21 Flat_Universe = Big_Bang + Black_Hole... 040612 040612
orange crush i don't want to change my mind anymore

it is what it is and nothing more
:) Black_hole(s):-

mp21k "A black hole only appears to form but later opens up and releases information about what fell inside. So we can be sure of the past and predict the future."

The findings, which Hawking is due to present at the 17th International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation in Dublin, Ireland, on July 21, could help solve the "black hole information paradox," which is a crucial puzzle of modern physics.
mp21k Stephen Hawking loses black hole bet

22 July 2004

In their bet, which was made in 1997, Hawking -- who is based at Cambridge University -- and Thorne argued that information was lost in a black hole, whereas Preskill said that it was not. The winner or winners of the bet had to provide the loser or losers with an encyclopaedia of their choice "from which information can be recovered with ease".

Now Hawking has conceded defeat by saying that information can escape from a black hole and therefore is not lost.

Hawking also dismisses his previous suggestion that the information might have leaked into a different "Baby" universe. "The information remains firmly in our universe," he told the conference.
Deomis Falling down into its depths
I cannot resist,
I cannot stop this
As I stare into that brightness
That glowing sea of stars
That is pulling me in

Your eyes entrap me.
mp21k Twisted Physics: How Black Holes Spout Off

Wed Aug 18, 9:47 AM ET

One idea is that the spinning of the black hole drags space and time, which twists magnetic field lines and generates a coiled force akin to what allows Tigger to bounce on his tail.
mp21k Date: 2005-01-11

Astronomers Find Evidence For Tens Of Thousands Of Black Holes

UCLA astronomers present the first evidence that tens of thousands of black holes are orbiting the monstrous black hole at the center of the Milky Way, 26,000 light years away.

The supermassive black hole, with a mass more than 3 million times that of our sun, is in the constellation of Sagittarius.

Is the
a small black hole?
unhinged john_and_i had our own special little black hole together on his red velvet couch in his apartment on oakland

god how i miss that black hole right about now
blather surreal estate ha! 060604
emmi i visualise a black hole and i'm not sure i like it. a white_hole, or a lemon_yellow_hole, or a blue_hole on the other hand...those are holes i can fall into. 111027
* It has all come together in
this black quiet.

It has all come together,
seen pin-point sharp,
as a hawk

as a tunnel of light
reveals a life

(there is no 'light' here. the darkness of space is what
reveals illumination)

It has all come together

every said over time,
every action,
every insinuation,
every feeling
every deed.

The signs,
not coincidence,
the symbols, the dreams

They were not dreams
of past lives
they were my future
they were here,
they were now

THIS is that horrible dream.

hurling I am,
that black hole

so powerful it awaits
to pull

I cannot look away, KNOWING

Does it know
i only loved?
With all my heart
and whole being SO i loved.

tear me to cinders
rip me to pieces

i hurl to you
in truth and love

only for truth
and love

to be spit out again

it will spit me out again

it is meaningless

i am so very small
what's it to you?
who go