DannyH nevermind 070721
DannyH Bingo is weird. But originally weird. Slung around in a tatty twirly warp of puscillanimity idiocy and degeneration. But realistically it's an explosion to spy which space the words twist within lolling around your mind. Topiarise a goat and leave us knowledge with your tongue. 070721
somebody Bingo is "weird"?!? Bingo, or waffles? Surely, an impressed array (that's the waffle) objectively portrays insouciance. Ah, Danny. Bingo, really! It's about echelons. They're straight, wildly selected things. Why the "weird" label? Anyone, you might think, accepts graciously a label under knifepoint when you're twenty. 080226
Lemon_Soda That was some good prose.

krupt ok you guys try and keep up with this one...

we are about to take a trip into the mind of someone with severe depression along with a massive case of ADHD, FUCK YOU all, yet i didn't mean that, NO... i cant type without looking but i want to be a cheff one day, did i say cheff? i meant a pshcholigist, i know alot about the human mind and psyche yet i need someone to tell me whats wrong with me??? what the fuck is going on, this room keeps getting smaller, someone pass me the bottle... NO ... give me a ciggerette!!!! its time to be quiet now, shes such a bitch! What the fuck is going on right now, i know, do you? john madden is talking in my head but i hate football i only love this new girl who has entered my life... Take me out to dinner se said, no im going to subway... there are angels in my outfield but yet i feel alone, kiss me, kill me, feel me, watch me play scratch off lotto... nickels are round, and so are quarters but dollars... dollars are not round, they are rectangle, and what can you buy with two rectangles? a bus ride! FUCK YOU... it hurts too much to think anymore... can yall feel me?
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