grendel also known as the pimp_slap

denoting the instance when one is siezed by one's collar and slapped harshly and abruptly across both sides of the face in two quick and forceful motions first with the back of the hand across one cheek and with the palm across the other cheek with the return stroke

"how can i turn the other cheek/
it's black and bruised and torn/
i've been waiting
since the day that i was born"
--The Police "O my God"
Thyartshallshant I've recived a few of these in my fifteen years. 001231
justme maybe you need a few more.
15 going on....16?
innoccent, naive and full of
tonque lashings.
but, some of his words are quite good.
stork daddy when he first saw him there, johnny hit sam with what could only be called, for lack of a better word, a bitch slap. in fact, no sooner than the backhand had four knuckled the face at the cheek bone, the eye corner and the temple, and sam had fallen, they both thought - one crestfallen, one disgusted with himself - "that was literally a bitch slap" 040430
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