jane bisexuality is going around.

aly likes emma. elisa likes beti.
and beti said that if elisa kissed her that she would kiss back. ooooh

you can imagine my skepticism.

being bisexual my whole life now, i'm moderately good at tracking the kinds of people that would be down for that. and that's where i think these girls are absolutely looney.
emma?? beti?? i can see them getting drunk and feeling someone up, but man...
not to mention i really don't think that looking for kissing partners in your circle of friends is such a good idea
unhinged i fell in love with a girl who uses bisexuality like a fashion accessory. not fun. not fun at all. 030221
FYI homosexuals do not accept the bisexual culture or lifestyle 030519
splinken It's dangerous to act like the sexual orientation police.

But I know. Believe me.
unhinged neither do heterosexuals. it's juse 'selfish'and people learn sexuality like they learn to be pedophiles. uuummmm....where do people come up with this shit? 030521
jane you know how they say homophobes are only afraid because they themselves are homosexual? i think it's the same way with bisexuals.
"everyone knows most people are bisexual" - velvet_goldmine
Villified Justified? I wonder how many young women have really ever been faced with true bisexuality. Perhaps at one point, it was a Henna tattoo aroung my ankle. Now, it's the residue that I can't wash away. It's the pants I will always wear to cover up the discoloration. It's a needle jammed into my skin over and over a million times. It's a spontaneous decision with lifelong consequences. 030831
misstree sexuality shifts over time. just because you're one orientation today doesn't mean you won't be another five years from now. and just because you've done it once doesn't mean you're labeled for the rest of your life 030831
misstree interesting... i was just wandering over here to seek advice... okay... long story short, i have a playmate, named caesar... we are both alphas, we hunt together, we are dangerous_creatures, blah blah blah... we/he has a new toy (primarily his, i am mostly mommychula to her) whom i call the pixie... we play with her, she is very inexperienced but ohsoready for evolution and doing well so far... the pixie is now claiming that she's realizing she's bi... i roll my eyes... at the turn of the century, i made a new year's resolution not to sleep with any more straight girls... and aside from a redhead from ireland who wanted to know what it was like (god damn drool) and the merest pieces with the pixie (as part of trainings), i have been true to that... now, the pixie, by her words, wants to play... but i still consider her straight, and will do so until something happens to convince me otherwise... who knows what... i mean, i was stealing my parent's playboys at 10 years old, had a crush on my female bestfriend in high school, and still wasn't 100% sure i was bi until i was past teenagerdom... she's 22 and suddenly realizing this, and god damn if i have a hard time equating her saying "i'm bi" with the mental map of her in my head saying she's bi... should i try? should i guide her? i made that resolution for a reason, for many of them, but i am self-appointed guide... i think perhaps that piping a girl for her would be more proper, as alpha status also comes into play, but i'm "the only girl she'd ever sleep with" from before she decided to be bi... feh... i already know the answer to this, i just have to figure out how to make it clear that if she wants to play in any way, she has to bring it to the table, and i can smell straight girls like a fart in a car (story in a moment)... makes it difficult when we're sharing the playmate, last night energies emerged to the point where she was truly tainted meat, accidental touches made me draw back as if stung, but that was also spikiness coming through... i am as affectionate with her as i am with all my friends (which is indeed very much), but not in the way that i am with water_brothers...

bah! i'm rambling, and this isn't even my roof. forgive. needed to leak some of that liquid out before it got infected.

oh yeah, and the story in a moment...

at the bar last weekend, talking to a friend, whose girlfriend started dancing with two other girls... kissing and things... watched them for a moment, leaned to him and said, "just so you know, none of them are bi. this is all for your benefit." he thought for a second, and said, "that's all right. it's still pretty." i shrugged. i wished i agreed. i just thought it was a bit gross and a bit offensive. (if they actually were bi or lesbians, yum, but gawd damn girls... feh. feh feh feh. harrumph.) going now. bye.
jane i know what you mean. at the age of seven i watched women roll around naked on the beach & discovered my sexuality. at thirteen started "coming out" as they say as bisexual. my parents know. this is not some sort of phase i'm going through. i'm not straight, i'm not gay. i've always been somewhere in between. and it does bother me that at parties girls will become inebriated and put on a show. i also find it difficult to watch porn with two girls unless they are actually gay or bisexual. like you, i can tell who's faking it & who's not. 040301
ShnizelCheese_Bi Jane my girl, Im just like you... only difference im a boy, i can see Straight Girls getting all fresh to tease the boys they are with, Its Pathetic... Nobody is Madonna but Madonna.... i hate it when people try and use something as nice and interesting as being Bisexual and make it all Tackie and Cheap. 040302
Lemon_Soda let them pretend. ignore if you no like, but just because they don't want the whole ice cream cone doesn't mean we shouldn't deny them a lick or to. they might find they like it. opens the eyes a bit. just make sure your not flaunting your wares in the wrong place or to the wrong person, but that rule applies to almost everything. 040302
phil I think you can tell who is more comfortable with it, because of their views and such, but I don't think you know wether or not they would actually do it.
I don't think people are homophobes, I just think they are perverted.
jules it's the hardest thing i've ever tried to explain.....

thanks for pouring thoughts into this abyssmal loathing of mine. Appreciated, indeed.
andru235 i'm a male who is %99.9999999999999 male oriented (haven't ruled out ladies or intersex but have never been remotely sexually attracted thus far)

and to me, it would only seem to make sense that everyone was bisexual, capable of falling in romantic love with any of the sexes (for there are assuredly more than two, friends!)

yet for my part i have desired romantic love with males for as long as i remember anything at all. this desire is amongst the first things i remember remembering.

at any rate, i really don't see why people are uncomfortable with bisexuals. one would think people would be *most* comfortable with them!!!
unhinged he told me i can't be bi

that i'm either hetero with occasional gay leanings

or homo with occasional straight leanings

he's full of shit
a hole ass has no gender 050426
andru235 when a hermaphrodite (someone possessing operant male AND female sex organs) has sex with anyone, they are simultaneously heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual.

makes such definitions look pretty stupid.

love, passion, lust...these words have far more to do with human sexuality than hetero-, homo-, bi-, gay-, straight-, etc. ever will
Ivory I agree quite a bit with a lot of the stuff mentioned on this page.

Myself, I hid under a table when my parents would watch movies so that I could pretend to cover my eyes when the women took off their clothes. Then, I would stay up late at night and watch all those cheesy HBO and Showtime shows like "Red Shoe Diaries" and stuff like that. When I first got the internet ( a billion years ago ) I would wait till my parents left and look up porn sites just for the women.

I always argued with myself that I just liked the way the female body looked. I tried to convince myself that I was not bisexual because I thought it was a mortal sin, but eventually ( and yes, it has just been here recently ) that I was truthful to myself and my friends about being bisexual. It took a long time for me to admit it, and it irritates me quite a bit when girls get drunk and kiss at parties and then call themselves bisexual. I guess that is a little self-centered on my part, actually.
Piso Mojado mom, dad- by the way... 050427
Rib Stealing Eve I am bisexual and so is my husband. It hasn't always been easy, but it's a lot more boring than you think.

Sometimes we are kinky but mostly he just critiques my outfits.

I'm afraid they won't let us adopt.
lux you don't have to tell anybody you don't want to. if you are in a heterosexual marriage they should not question your sexual orientation, and if they do just say heterosexual. they're not going to investigate any further. 080604
unhinged i shouldnt have to hide anything either. telling people i am dating that i am bi is an interesting test of character.

my disgust with most males, males as a alien entity, is at an alltime peak
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