silentbob Eric Boucher 001101
.sunshine. is it just my head
or is my cursor

moving too slow.
paste! passing joints in the front row 010505
silentbob i had a dream he was with me in my bedroom and we were talking about a conservative woman named Torrence Phillips, which i think must be a manifestation of Terrance and Phillip from south park and Bring it On's T-t-torrance.. anyway, i wanted him to sign my new copy of Bedtime for Democracy that i bought from my friend emily for four dollars and ninety cents. but i woke up first. 010506
epitome of incomprehensibility "Jello Biafra." So you are a person as well. Personally, I think short-lived countries have an edge over the Dead Kennedys, narrative-wise, though he does seem to be having a pretty strange and interesting career. Plus eclectic song titles. And, if I could choose, I'd rather be a rock star than a nation. Gelatin optional. 150608
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