hsg When I found,
I * you (I_believe_in_life_with_you),
I also noticed that Love then clarified my idea of what life_is

When you love someone then how you want to be together is ALIVE!

It follows: if the things you imagine together aren't really living then it's also not love. AND if the things that really are lively are the things you do with someone else then that is propbably closer to where your love_is
hsg * probably 091110
In_Bloom I believe in life with you
When I first read these words in a blathe, it summed up what love is to me, for me and what I most want it to be.
I've made these words my own, part of a daily visit to keep focused on what's most positive, the big picture, the better odds, etc.
I'm playing to win and even when I feel I'm all played out
Tired... admitting I'm TIRED
These words show me something that makes it okay, makes it worth it
A win
hsg Thank you. I did need help admitting That I am tired.

But I do and I am learning to trust that I will be taken care of.
. . 091112
In_Bloom It is a bit stressful anticipating and then learning you'll not be left flailing
You won't be let down
nandita You.

I die a bit everyday waiting.
h|s|g my_love WILL know no circumstance.

when I see my heart pure, all conditions become tools, all_obstacles gifts. Where was a complaint I can only say, "thank_you". Where was fear, I can only say, "let's_do_it_anyway"
h|s|g a_e (ye)
believe in

| believe_in_way_king_up_with | you
In_Bloom hsg,
What you wrote above on 101215
it's beautiful.
If you were an ordained pastor of sorts then I'd ask you to read that at my wedding!
h|s|g (-: aww_shucks, th_ankhs in_bloom :-) 111109
h|s|g you_help_me_bloom_again 120221
h|s|g believe_in_life ...

Loving you is seeing you clearly.
flowerock. I_believe_in_life_with_you 160722
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