blueberries you hear the knocking.
your dog barks.
i know you're home.
but still you don't open.

i want to come in and tell you how i fucking blew it.
i turn the knob, it's locked.

your dog growls. i imagine his teeth bared like your soul.

so, i stick a note in a worn out place in the screen that says i'm sorry.

but as i drive away, the wind blows it down. it slides across the porch and falls into the shrubbery.
mmm is my room 011126
whoknows lets knock anyway and see what happens 011126
whoknows i said i though we were strong enough to take anything that came our way.
damn. i was so wrong.
ClairE is a firewall.

whoknows you were so right, that time anyway...
we shouldnt have knocked.
why did you let me?
xyz are two doors with no markings at all 040102
what's it to you?
who go