quill drum beet
heart beet
solemn beet
red beet
sugar beet
hot beet
sweet beet
sour beet
beat beet
dead beet
jennie I've always liked the way the purplish juice stains my skin such a lovely color. 991010
emsie many things from that one crazy night come to my mind when I hear this word. drunken Brett knowcking over the shelf of preserves...that guy saying "don't worry. only one thing got broken and that's why the floor's all was a big thing of beets"...them pouring pine sol all over the floor to "clean it up" really cleaning it up the next morning...that chunk of beet stuck to the soul of my shoe for months after...that people are still stepping on tiny shards of glass...ha ha ha... 991014
troy does "quill" realize that "drum-beAt" & "heart-beAt" are NOT spelled the same way as the reddish root-vegetable "beet"?... 991222
troy .."emsie"... -EWWW!!!- PINESOL!!! ACK!!!
No wonder you had to 'really clean it up' the next-day!..
Beets are intense-enough without adding the most vile & toxic "Pinesol" to the mix :)
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