someone_elses_meredith ha, he is! 020109
distorted tendencies blue eyes
jaw length brown hair
i wanna be your harsh_mistress
girl_jane 827.1 miles away... 030314
trixie such nice eyes. i never really noticed his eyes until tonight. hes always been cute as could be, but such amazing eyes. i guess i have an eye fetish. 030617
megan strating at the bottom working my way up...
his feet are porcelain, very white with a bit of black hair sprinkled throughout. i think he has beautiful feet, very manly...
his legs are no longer stalks that boys have, but have shape and are strong.
his body... oh his body. so many nooks and crannys that i can lie in, like pools of water waiting to be lapped up. my head fits perfectly in 8 spots and still counting. he has pecks that are to die for, and the little happy trail that leads to...
his head :)
no not that one silly :P
is the right size for squeezing close to me when we hug. he has a smile that can light up a room no matter what, and eyes that can read my mind. his hair is black, naturally of course, and just the ever bit curly.
he doesn't believe me that he is beautiful.
and that makes me want him all the more.
Novice 2 hours away, Darn John, I wish u'd get your license already. Come on September 21 030803
Novice John is no longer beautiful, he has a really big nose. Chris and Jason on the other hand are beautiful... 040201
:_) used-to-be-a-towhead blond hair
hair not too short or too long
intensely blue eyes
smells like expensive cologne
is the description of every
truly beautiful_man i've seen
bad girl i'm not supposed
to think he's beautiful
he enters my office daily
he's taken
he's younger
but it doesn't hurt to drool
emmi it's always so hard to resist

i wonder why i always feel i should
pheather sarcastically she said of my yummy co-worker "He looks so horrible. We just need to cover him with a towel".

Oooh, and I'm thinking what I wouldn't give to see him clad ONLY in a towel...
pipedream you're beautiful to me
i see the way your soul sparkles
and i love you

pd (certain) 040227
ferris wheel but less interesting than i had hoped 040508
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