auto cross reference system Believe it or not, they sometimes quiver.

See bird_watching.
god xdaxlex: hands off my penis!
RJONNZ: hands it off to whom?
xdaxlex: hand it off to the next person in line
RJONNZ: we're the last in line-
xdaxlex: we all gotta shit when the ducks hit the fan
RJONNZ: no two ways bout it.

how you been?
xdaxlex: running around like a chicken with it's feet cut off
RJONNZ: har har, i hear ya. me too.
had scrambled eggs this morning
RJONNZ: i found a beak in a mcnugget once
xdaxlex: no way dude
RJONNZ: i didn't eat it
xdaxlex: sure
RJONNZ: i did pick my teeth with it
xdaxlex: that makes me hot
RJONNZ: beaks make you hot?
RJONNZ: i could probably get you a couple
RJONNZ: i know people in the chicken business
xdaxlex: i knew an austrian who did some chicken business
xdaxlex: sick fuck
RJONNZ: some people have no shame. damn australians
xdaxlex: mate indeed
RJONNZ: throw another can of chicken noodle on the barbie.
xdaxlex: oh barbie
RJONNZ: barbie cue ball and socket to me tarzan you jane fonda
xdaxlex: made out with jane
xdaxlex: i did
xdaxlex: yar
RJONNZ: how is jane?
xdaxlex: troubled
xdaxlex: or maybe that's trouble
RJONNZ: both?
xdaxlex: yes
RJONNZ: christ. was it worth it?
RJONNZ: is it worth it?
let me work it.
xdaxlex: no, it probably wasn't
xdaxlex: but so it goes
jane fonda she did not! 030616
daxle did too! had my first spasm watching me mums video of you! 030616
jane fonda and no you can't work it!

an immaculate conception will ruin my figure!
god beak teak bleak streak meek creek oblique 030619
what's it to you?
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