neville Hello?
I'm not sure if you can hear this.
Either way.
I'm tired.
Take me home.
miniver The Mighty Hercules' belt buckle. Clever dude. 000519
sylphide Friday's girl is awake at 4am again. She's somehow solemn in her indecent trend.
Without the hope of a lonely friend.
The Lights are down, crowds gone home. No one's dancing here anymore.
No one's dancing here anymore.

Back when love is full of it and romance was found around the corner, i begged for more. when the world wearied me and i couldn't find a friend to feel i begged for more. When i slayed my morals and my own heart, the keys rang out no more.

There's no way to describe my lack of anticipation. When im with you i'm beggin my slain heart for more. To pulk it out with one fine grasp for that sheer second of a beaconed lust.

My beacon stays with me always. The fear that the face is that of a dream i've dreamt before. The fear that that face was my own and i recognise it. And i follow that face further than the wires run, further than the ships sail and beyond the edge of the earth.

Taking chances in all the wrong places, i think i have something to say today, but what. I might be wrong
what's it to you?
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